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Cool TV Guide 6.4 Mod

Discussion in 'Vu+ Plugins' started by Nixy82, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. Nixy82

    Nixy82 Vu+ Newbie

    Whilst CoolTVGuide is undoubtedly the BEST EPG I've ever seen for a sat box, and no disrespect to the author, I always hated the title and icons at the top of the screen.

    Doing a bit of poking around on the box I found the files in here on my 2.0.1 install :


    And I see you can edit the source xml files for each of the different views

    So by editing all the files ending _1280.xml to remove the icons and change the title text, making the appearance a bit nicer in each case (in my view anyway)

    Approx line 2:

    The "Cool xxxx Guide" text can be edited in each case to something more consistent like TV Guide, or the line removed completely to just remove the text completely.

    <eLabel text="C  o  o  l    E  a  s  y    G  u  i  d  e" position="550,20" size="480,30" font="Regular;26" foregroundColor="#FFFFFF" backgroundColor="#000000" shadowColor="#000000" halign="center" transparent="1" />

    Approx Lines 10 & 11

    These lines can be removed completely to remove the icons from the top row

    <widget source="Service" render="CoolPico" position="530,20" zPosition="1" size="50,30" alphatest="blend" transparent="1" />
    <widget source="Service" render="CoolPico" position="1000,20" zPosition="1" size="50,30" alphatest="blend" transparent="1" />
    Obviously this kind of mod should not be done by inexperienced users, so if the idea of using vi makes you run a mile, then this probably isn't for you :)

    Also backup the folder before starting to avoid trouble so you can revert back with simple cp -a command

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