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i cant import my list on vuplus zero

Discussion in 'Black Hole General' started by heffzz95, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. heffzz95

    heffzz95 Vu+ Newbie

    hi, all. ill try to use this code:

    wget -O /etc/enigma2/ "MY IPTV URL" && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/

    putty say this:

    Connecting to (MY URL) 100% |*******************************| 675k 0:00:00 ETA

    but when ill try to see my list i dont see nothing only Favourites (TV)

    how can i fix it?
  2. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vu+ User

    Forum rules are somewhat diffuce about this issue
    So please just delete this post if i answer something thats against the rules.

    Just dropp that iptv provider they have wrong setup and you will never make it work
    with the enigma2 script they sent you.

    You will only be able to use that provider if you use some plugin that make the bouquets for you
    Or you can change the output in the script to m3u and download the m3u file and use as playlist.

    Script looks like this?

    wget -O /etc/enigma2/ "" && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/ && /etc/enigma2/

    Cut out this section and change type to m3u and output to m3u use for downloading the m3u
    Just copy and paste in your Web Browser and hit enter and you will download the m3u file

    If you use plugin like JediMakeXtream or simular then cut out the same section
    but leave as it is and past in to playlist.txt to create bouquets.
  3. heffzz95

    heffzz95 Vu+ Newbie

  4. Thomas67

    Thomas67 Vu+ User


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