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Kodi: Download subtitles

Discussion in 'Kodi & Black Hole' started by p.rodrigues, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. p.rodrigues

    p.rodrigues Vu+ Newbie

    Not that I use Kodi but I was here testing on BH (latest version), Kodi v17.0 nuna Uno 4K SE:
    Does not download subtitles using MediaPlayer2. This stops the movie to be viewed by its addon as well as if you want Kodi to read the movie on disk. When asking for the subtitle, the crash happens. I leave the crash log here. After the box restarts, upon returning to the Kodi, it eventually gets stuck and you must manually turn off the box.

    There is nothing wrong with MP2 because it downloads subtitles for movies on disc.

    In a Zero 4K OBH, Kodi 17.6, subtitle download is not possible either, the subtitle selection menu appears but simply does not download. There is no crash.

    As I wrote, I don't use Kodi in the pits, but there are reports of this problem and I tested it.

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