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Ultimo Ultimo 4K tuners rather hot

Discussion in 'Hardware: All Vu+ models' started by Alfred42, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Alfred42

    Alfred42 Vu+ Newbie

    I have the new tuners for twin S2 and C and also C/T2. I have noticed that the two x8-tuners are rahter warm, hot. I am running OpenOLi 7.0.

    As I can see there is no possibility to messaure the temperature via plugin. It is a pity tht there is no connection for a fan on the main board.

    Should I be worried or is this normal with the rather high temperature? Normally I have my boxes running 24H.
  2. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    It all depends on the ambient temperature where the receiver is installed, if it is below 38ºC, you will not have problems. @Alfred42

    16 tuner Sat + 2 tuner TDT (3 slot).
    Last summer, 38ºC in Madrid of ambiance in the shade.
    Taking ambient temperatures, on the disk, on 2 sides of the cpu chip, on the tuner A sink and measuring the temperature of the air that comes out.
    Environment.- 38-41ºC
    Disc 6TB WD60PURZ.- 38-42ºC (working temperature 0ºC-65ºC maximum)
    CPUB.-44-50ºC the side stuck to the tuner.
    Tuner A.- 47-54ºC (on the heatsink)
    Air outlet above the tuner.- 38-42ºC
    Without recording / Recording.

    Remember, atmosphere 38ºC.
    As you can see, they are not high temperatures, currently if it is below 55-60ºC, there should be no problems.

    If you touch it with your finger, you will burn, you will think it is very hot.
    The body is at 38ºC, but the fingers are only at 26-28ºC, so it seems very hot.

    In my case, I have forced ventilation, Spain asks
    Todo depende de la temperatura ambien donde este el receptor instalado, si esta por debajo de 38ºC, no tendras problemas.

    16 tuner Sat + 2 tuner TDT (3 slot).
    El verano pasado, 38º en Madrid de ambiente a la sombra.
    Tomando temperaturas ambiente, en el disco, en 2 lados del chip cpu, en el disipador del tuner A y midiendo la temperatura del aire que sale.
    Ambiente.- 38-41ºC
    Disco 6TB WD60PURZ.- 38-42ºC (temperatura de trabajo 0ºC-65ºC maximo)
    CPUB.-44-50ºC el lado pegado a los tuner.
    Tuner A.- 47-54ºC (en el disipador)
    Salida aire encima de los tuner.- 38-42ºC
    Sin grabar/Grabando.

    Recuerda, ambiente 38ºC.
    Como ves no son temperaturas altas, actualmente si esta por debajo del 55-60ºC, no tendria que dar problemas.

    Si lo tocas con el dedo, te quemaras, pensaras que esta muy caliente.
    El cuerpo esta a 38ºC, pero los dedos solo estan a 26-28ºC por eso parece muy caliente.

    En mi caso, tengo ventilacion forzada, españa lo pide.
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  3. Alfred42

    Alfred42 Vu+ Newbie

    Thank you very much for your explaination! :) For the moment I have 28C in my room. Normally between 21-24C. So I guess I can just relax.
  4. Alfred42

    Alfred42 Vu+ Newbie

    "In my case, I have forced ventilation, Spain asks "

    Does this mean that you have installed a fan?
  5. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover


    I put in the left-hand air that I channel to the CPU.
    I have another fan under the disc.
    The fans work at 12 volts and are low noise models 28dB +/-
    They can also work at 5Volts, or 50% RPM.
    With a 3 € thermostat, I control the internal temperature, as I mentioned, make a table of the truth according to use.
    The thermostat using the disk power, at all times feeds the fans to 5Volts lowering the temperature between 4 and 7 degrees.
    In summer with 38ºC at the end reaches the maximum temperature programmed, switches to 12V and lowers the temperature of blow 7 degrees (2-3 minutes)
    Meto aire freco del lado izquierdo que canalizo hasta la CPU.
    Debajo del disco tengo otro ventilador.
    Los ventiladores trabajan a 12Voltios y son modelos de bajo ruido 28dB +/-
    Tambien pueden funcionanr a 5Voltios, ni 50% rpm.
    Con un termostato de 3€, controlo la temperatura interna, como ya comente, realice una table de la verdad segun uso.
    El termostato usando la alimentacion del disco, en todo momento alimenta los ventiladores a 5Voltios bajando la temperatura entre 4 y 7 grados.
    En verano con 38ºC al final llega a la temperatura maxima programada, conmuta a 12V y baja la temperatura de golpe 7 grados (2-3 minutos)
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2019
  6. Tururu

    Tururu BH Lover

    I put in the left-hand air that I channel to the CPU.....2x 50x50x10mm
    I have another fan under the disc..........................1x100x100x10mm
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  7. Alfred42

    Alfred42 Vu+ Newbie

    OK, thanks!

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